a gloved hand wiping a sink counter with a blue microfiber towel

How Do Professional Cleaners Wash Microfiber Towels?

Microfiber towels are the greatest tool in any arsenal for professional cleaners! These towels have the ability to swiftly pick up dirt and lock it in with their fibers. They are soft and can be used to clean anything from cars to the inside of one’s own home or your eyeglasses. Microfiber towels can easily be cleaned – my advice is to let the professionals wash microfiber towels – to be used again and again making it an environmental choice!

What are Microfiber Towels?

Regular towels are made of materials such as cotton or other natural materials. Microfiber towels are made of polyester-nylon fibers that are smaller than human hair! They can also absorb better than cotton, meaning you’re not simply pushing dirt away, but actually capturing it.

Types of Uses

Because microfiber cloths have such fine fibers, it makes them amazing at capturing dirty and wiping down surfaces without scratching or damaging them. Because of this, the uses of microfiber cloths are widely varied in specific industries.

Kitchen Use

No other place in the home is quite as messy as your very own kitchen. Cleaning dirt, grime, and grease is a tough job, but one that can easily be done with the help of microfiber towels. These towels’ ability to clean tough grease and heavy spills make them a favorite of professional cleaners in the restaurant industry.


Bathrooms can accumulate mildew, condensation, and dust in hard-to-reach areas such as behind your sink and around your bathtub. Microfiber towels can easily pick up dirt and mildew that accumulates in the bathroom, leaving it clean and hygienic.


Whether you have wood, laminate, concrete, or vinyl flooring, microfiber towels are designed to be gentle enough to clean whatever surface you’re dealing with. By attaching microfiber towels to the end of your broom, you can create an efficient and eco-friendly floor dust mop that is reusable!


Microfiber towels are the perfect tool to capture small dust, and they can polish anything from your furniture to your vehicle. Seamless microfiber towels do a great job of dusting and polishing your furniture and car without leaking visible streaks.


You can also use microfiber towels to avoid leaving streaks in your mirror and other fibers. If you’ve ever used a cotton cloth to clean your mirrors, you know how many fibers can be left behind and make your mirror look dirtier than it originally was! Microfiber cloths leave no such streaks or fibers behind for a pristine, clean mirror.

Window cleaning using microfiber towel

Microfiber Towels Washing Instructions

Although microfiber cloths can be a great tool for professional cleaners, they need to be properly washed in order to last for a long time. Follow this microfiber towels washing instruction below:

1. Separate cloths before and after use. If you use certain clothes to clean your bathroom, car, or kitchen, put these in different laundry baskets.

2. Wash every type of cloth separately, and not with your regular load of clothes.

3. Place the machine on the heavy-duty cycle with warm water using a mild detergent with no fragrances. Do not use heat to try, and instead hang your towels to air dry. Both heat and fragrances can ruin the fibers of your clothes.

4. Fold your clothes separately so they do not bunch up together due to static.

Professional Cleaners & Microfiber Towels

Professional cleaners know just how great microfiber towels are and how important to wash microfiber towels can be to leave your car or home looking spotless (literally)! At Vegan Cleaning Service, we ensure all our microfiber towels are properly washed to prevent contamination and keep your home or business clean and germ-free!