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Save on Cleaning Service by Tidying Up Before the Maids Arrive

If you’re looking to save on cleaning service in Cleveland, there are a few simple tasks you can do beforehand to shave time and money off your bill. While you probably want your cleaning service to do the heavy lifting — after all, that’s the appeal — it doesn’t hurt to tidy up a bit before they arrive.

Tips to Save Money on Cleaning Services

If you can save the maids even a few minutes here and there, that’s the money back in your own pocket. Consider making your own bed and rinsing out your shower before your maids arrive, and use the rest of these timely tips to help the maids get in and out more efficiently.

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1. Quash the Clutter

Woman cleaning her book shelves

It may take 15 minutes to tidy up a living room, but if you leave clutter scattered about, you’re adding a good 10 to 20 minutes to the task. Do yourself a favor by getting a handle on clutter before your maids arrive. We suggest the following tips to save money:

  • Stack books and magazines neatly.
  • Pick up loose clothing and put it in the laundry hamper.
  • Put away miscellaneous items such as toys, handbags, and keys.
  • Put dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Sort and put away loose pieces of mail.

These all contribute to clutter, meaning your cleaning crew must move them in order to vacuum your carpets or wipe down your tables. You can help out by making sure clutter is under control. This will mean less time your maids spend organizing and more time they can spend dusting, sweeping, or mopping.

2. Stow Small Area Rugs

Other tips to help the maids include gathering up small area rugs and placing them in your closet before your cleaning crew arrives. This gives unencumbered access to your floors for cleaning and can save quite a bit of time when maids don’t have to take rugs outside to shake or sweep them.

3. Tackle the Trash

Taking out the trash is an easy enough task, and if you do it yourself instead of paying someone else to do it, you can shrink the size of your cleaning bill. Sort your recycling and take trash bags outside before your maids arrive. And leave your trash cans empty. This way, your cleaning crew can spritz the insides with disinfectant without having to remove trash bags first.

4. Prewash the Dishes

Consider washing the bulk of your dishes the night before. This way, when the maids arrive, all they have left to do is empty the dishwasher and wipe out the sink. You’ll save time and money in the kitchen, and you’ll free up your cleaning crew to tackle more serious jobs in the bedrooms and bath.

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