Cleaner using eco friendly products while cleaning

Why Use Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Toxic chemicals are now standard in cleaning products. However, earth friendly cleaning agents are revolutionizing the way people clean and improving the environment! These cleaning products are good for our natural ecosystems, are safe to use around children, pets, and food, and can easily replace your existing household products to keep your home clean. Best of all, they are easily accessible and affordable, so anyone can enjoy a natural clean inside their homes.

What Makes The Best Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

There are various factors to choose from when looking for the best eco-friendly cleaning products. For starters, these products should have packaging that is safe for the environment. Recyclable packaging is a better alternative to plastic that is traditionally used for household products.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products on the table

It should also list all ingredients used within the cleaner, whether they are active or inactive ingredients. These ingredients should not include any toxic dyes or artificial fragrances. It’s best to stick with a cleaner that is made with 100% natural ingredients. This ensures that they are minimizing harmful reactions to your family.

Why Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products?

Switching to using green cleaning products can be beneficial for your health, the environment, and your wallet! Below are just some of the many benefits of making the switch.

Organic cleaners. White vinegar, lemon and sodium bicarbonate.
  1. Healthy For You and the Environment

Many eco-friendly cleaning companies offer products with recyclable packaging or bulk packaging. This reduces waste to the overall environment. You can dispose of your products knowing they won’t end up in a landfill and can be recycled.

In addition, natural ingredients used do not need to be processed heavily. This reduces the impact on the Earth’s ecosystem.

Eco-friendly natural products
  1. They Are More Affordable

You can easily make your own cleaning products at home if you don’t want to purchase them in-store! All you need is a reusable container and mix ingredients commonly found at home. Vinegar, baking soda, lemon, and water are all affordable, yet create fantastic cleaning results when used in natural products. You can even combine them with essential oils for added fragrance. Some companies also offer affordable bulk pricing on their products, saving you money and ensuring you never run out!

Vinegar in a container
  1. Makes Your Belongings Last Longer

Harsh chemicals wreak havoc on precious furniture. Furniture and countertops made of materials such as wood, marble, stone, and granite can be damaged by hazardous cleaning products. Using ecologically friendly cleaning products with all-natural ingredients prolongs the life of your furniture and countertops, while still effectively cleaning them. You can bring out the natural shine and beauty of your furniture for years to come.

Eco-friendly natural cleaners made of lemon and baking soda on white wooden table
  1. Odorless

No one likes the smell of bleach or ammonia filling their home. Fortunately, eco-friendly products use only natural ingredients and fragrances that can make your home smell amazing and reduce allergies. When making your own ingredients, you can use essential oils such as lavender, sage, or other herbs to add a beautiful, subtle fragrance to your home.  

Cleaner holding a spray bottle of eco friendly cleaning supplies while cleaning
  1. Assures Safety

It’s never a good idea to use cleaning products with harsh chemicals around small children, pets, and food. Ammonia, bleach, and other chemicals can be harmful when ingested. 

Although you should also keep eco-friendly products away from small children and animals, using these reduces the risks of harmful interactions. These can also be safely used around food when you’re cleaning your kitchen countertops. Knowing that your kitchen is cleaned with safe cleaning agents gives you additional peace of mind.

Efficient Cleaning Service

Vegan Cleaning Service makes it our mission to keep your home clean and your family healthy using only eco friendly cleaning products! You can even customize your items and choose from your own fragrance such as vanilla, lemon, or bergamot among others. We’ll leave your home looking like new using only natural, environmentally-friendly products and great customer service.